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Reactor, often used to synthesize and integrate chemical substances, is being produced into a device that can perform the utmost stirring capacity and heat transfer effect through precise designing based on accurate analysis by production goods.
Reactor 0.5㎥(Glass) Reactor 2㎥ Reactor 3㎥ Reactor 5㎥
Reactor Reactor Reactor Reactor
Heat exchanger, a device that is applied and being used in various fields such as precise petrochemical and gas, was designed and produced in a way that it can reduce heat dissipation and has excellent heat transfer ability through precise capacity designing.
Heat-Exchanger 3㎡ Heat-Exchanger 10㎡ Heat-Exchanger 10㎡ Heat-Exchanger 10㎡
Heat-Exchanger Heat-Exchanger Heat-Exchanger Heat-Exchanger
Heat-Exchanger Heat-Exchanger Heat-Exchanger  
Distillation Column
All driving conditions from raw material input to production completion were automated in order to prevent the error in designing process through simulation.
In addition, the purity of the product was increased and production in conditions such as high vacuum, atmospheric pressure, and high pressure has been enabled.
Distillation Column 4㎡ Installation view of
Distillation Column
Distillation Column 5㎡ Distillation Column 3㎡
Storage Tank
Nearly all of the chemical tanks used in chemical reactor or in petroleum treatment tank used in chemical industry can be produced which are light, durable and resistant to temperature change and impact. In addition, it was designed to be used easily by reflecting the changes in the amount of content in automation system.
Storage Tank 40㎥ Storage Tank 20㎥ Storage Tank 40㎥ Storage Tank 20㎥
By applying viscosity and material coefficient to a variety of impeller agitator depending on their purpose and materials, they are being produced through detailed design.
Agitator Agitator Agitator Agitator
It is a high-speed mixer used to disperse, mix, and dissolve viscous matters generated by mixture of liquids that has fluidity in their viscosity, and various cylinder operating device such as hydraulic and air machines are applied. Especially, the design of the turbine impeller is important, and it has the designing capacity for several equipments.
Detail & Parts
Inside heat exchanger Tube sheet after welding Bad Limit Support Grid
Bottom Coil Detachable Coil inside Inside Coil Inside after Buffing
Ribbon Herical Pitched Paddle Band Turbine Anchor Paddle
Dispersed turbine impeller Helical impeller    
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